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Carving out new paths requires will and determination and deserves respect. We strengthen the hand of our pioneers and take the first step with them into the unknown. Engagement Migros is a voluntary development fund of the Migros Group companies. It has been in place since 2012, but the idea behind it stems from much further back, to Migros founder Gottlieb Duttweiler, who resolutely followed his vision. Just as we are doing today.

Britta Friedrich
Head of Projects
Museums & the public, Creation & the market

Culture and entrepreneurship – Britta Friedrich is equally at home in both fields. She not only has a passion for literature and design, but is also passionate about finding ways to bring together social accountability and economic considerations. After setting up an innovation department at the Frankfurt Book Fair, at Engagement Migros she now wants to prove that it is possible to change things for the better with courage and the right attitude.

Corinne Grässle
Project Leader
Mobility, Circular economy

Corinne Grässle is not afraid to ask questions – even critical ones. She was already setting up environmental clubs as a child. Later on, the political scientist was responsible for climate and energy policy at WWF. Now she works at Engagement Migros supporting pioneering projects that aim to protect our planet and its resources. She believes that bold projects have the potential to change the world – one step at a time.

Johanna Muther
Project Leader
Back in mid-April

Johanna Muther is a staunch team player. She has done a lot of different things in her life: worked for herself, joined the start-up scene and employed in a large company. She believes in collaboration based on equality and a grass-roots democratic approach to finding solutions, as well as in tackling challenges with an open mindset and a passion to innovate. At Engagement Migros, she creates the space needed to achieve all of this.

Linda Sulzer
Project Leader
Collaborative Innovation

Enthusiasm and success go hand in hand for Linda Sulzer - especially when it comes to pioneering projects. The political scientist was involved in establishing the Operation Libero movement. At Engagement Migros, she wants to create flagship projects that give society the courage it needs and show it new ways of creating a sustainable, equal future.

Pablo Villars

Pablo Villars is always on the search for innovation. He used to discover young musical talent as the co-founder of a record label. Now he spends his time tracking down pioneering projects at Engagement Migros. After working at Denner and migrolino, he helps the development fund in his role as a trainee to get bold ideas off the ground in a sustainable – and financially viable – manner.

Robin Born
Project Leader
People & digitalisation

Lifelong learning is Robin Born's motto. He believes that new technical accomplishments should be used for the benefit of society. With this in mind, the trained mechanical engineer thought about how artificial intelligence could be combined with blockchain technology to benefit society, for example, in the service of climate protection. At Engagement Migros he makes sure that technological advances also work to the advantage of society.

Samira Lütscher
Project Leader
Back in mid-May

For Samira Lütscher empathy is key to social progess. The literary scholar is comfortable navigating her way through a wide range of disciplines, thinks on a holistic level and never loses sight of people and their needs, even with technical issues. At Engagement Migros, she wants to show that the world cannot become a better place on its own, and that we need to combine our efforts to make this happen.

Stefan Schöbi
Head of Engagement Migros

Stefan Schöbi is convinced that good ideas only become valuable if they are actually implemented – taking a careful, persistent and flexible approach. At home in the worlds of literature and the economy in equal measure, at Engagement Migros he never stops looking for new ways of advancing us as a society in an effective and, as far as possible, entrepreneurial way.

Sylvie Reinhard
Leiterin Pionierlab

Sylvie Reinhard founded her first start-up when she was 20 years old. Today, she works at Engagement Migros to help others to open up new business opportunities that are preferably as solution-oriented as they are unconventional. For many years, the bilingual entrepreneur worked as a producer for the international Lift Conference, which looks at the opportunities and challenges brought by the digital revolution. She believes that entrepreneurship can go hand in hand with a personal touch.