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The final round! Thinking circular

The circular economy is about more than just recycling: the holistic concept optimizes not only individual components, but the entirety of a process or system. This has positive effects on profitability, but above all on the environment and society. That is reason enough for Engagement Migros to dedicate  this year`s incentive event and its own support priority to this topic. 

The signals at the World Climate Conference in Poland were clear: out-of-control climate change can only be slowed down through joint efforts. We need accelerated change if we are to maintain our natural resources in the future. A central key to this is the circular economy, which puts the spotlight on possible solutions for the careful use of resources. With its latest focus on the circular economy, Engagement Migros supports projects that concentrate on this resource-saving economic concept. To launch this new range of topics, Engagement Migros hosted its 5th incentive event with the slogan “The final round! Thinking circular”.

Incentive Event Nr. 5:

  • When: 5.2.2019, 18:00–21:00
  • Where: WERK 8, Basel 


On 5 February 2019, the new initiative Circular Economy Switzerland was launched at WERK 8 in Basel. Engagement Migros is supporting this project as a partner and hosted the evening programme of the all-day meeting. Under the banner “Thinking circular”, we discussed how words become action with two representatives of the Swiss Climate Strike, the National Councilor Bastien Girod, the initiators of  #movethedate Switzerland and architect Michael Pawlyn from London. 

The result: Together, we want to move Switzerland toward circular economy and postpone Overshoot Day from 7th May to 31st December 2019. Let`s #movethedate!


Michael Pawlyn is considered the pioneer of regenerative design. In 2007 he founded his company Exploration Architecture, which focuses on high-performance buildings and solutions for the circular economy. Among other things, the company developed a ground-breaking office concept, a data centre with extremely low energy consumption, a waste-free textile factory, and advanced solutions for green cities.

Prior to founding Exploration Architecture, Pawlyn worked for Grimshaw for 10 years and was in charge of developing the “Eden Project”. His book “Biomimicry in Architecture” was a bestseller at RIBA Publishing and a second edition was released in October 2016. Pawlyn is also one of the initiators of the renowned Sahara Forest Project, whose latest facility was opened in 2017 by the king of Jordan.  

You will find his keynote presentation here


Simone Alabar, #movethedate Switzerland: Tuesday, 7th of May 2019, is Swiss Overshoot Day, the date when Switzerland`s demand for ecological resources will exceed what Earth can generate this year. From this day on we will live on the expenses of our grandchildren. "Who is Nik" wants to change this and initiated the initiative #movethedate Switzerland, which aims to postpone Overshoot Day from 7th of May to 31st December 2019.

Cora Tampert & Pascal Kipf, Climate Strike: The Swedish activist Greta Thunberg initiated worldwide school strikes by the end of 2018. Since then, there have been strikes and actions on a regular base throughout Switzerland. The young members of this movement want to set an effective sign for more clima protection and protest against the inactivity of politics.

Bastien Girod, National Councilor: Sustainablity is both his passion and expertise. As national councilor, scientist, president of waste manager and business developer at South Pole Bastien bridges ecology and economy. Find out more about Bastien on Twitter

About Circular Economy Switzerland

The all-day event “Launching the Movement” on 5 February 2019 at WERK 8 in Basel has kicked off the new Swiss-wide “Circular Economy Switzerland” movement. In recent years, various projects in the field of circular economy have been launched throughout Switzerland. Many startups are also presenting creative solutions for various sectors. The task now is to bring these numerous activities and players together, to exploit synergies and give new impetus to the circular economy in Switzerland. Committed organisations have joined forces for this purpose under the name “Circular Economy Switzerland”.

More Impulse

Digitalisation determines our future and creates new opportunities. But when algorithms limit our visibility and digital echo chambers shrink into filter bubbles, places for open discussion become more important than ever. Museums, with their material and non-material resources, have this potential.

Never has the world been as linked together as it is today and never has collaboration been more relevant. In the digital world, success is achieved through global exchange, partnership initiatives and open innovation. We are convinced that the only way to successfully meet the challenges of the digital age and take advantage of its opportunities is through unified strengths.

Nutzen statt besitzen, teilen statt kaufen, ent- statt beschleunigen: Gemeinsam mit Projektpartnern gab Engagement Migros Einblicke in den Themenschwerpunkt Mobilität und stellte Pionierprojekte und Interventionsfelder für eine nachhaltige Mobilitätszukunft zur Debatte. Am 20. Juni lud der Förderfonds Engagement Migros zur zweiten Durchführung im Impact Hub Zürich ein. Im Rampenlicht stand dieses Mal der Themenschwerpunkt Mobilität.

Unter dem Titel «Hereinspaziert! Neue Perspektiven im Umgang mit Sammlungen» stellten wir die Vorbereitungen zum geplanten Studienzentrum des Landesmuseums Zürich, die Initiative MuseoMix Schweiz sowie das Startup Museum Hack aus New York vor.