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Digitalisation determines our future and creates new opportunities. But when algorithms limit our visibility and digital echo chambers shrink into filter bubbles, places for open discussion become more important than ever. Museums, with their material and non-material resources, have this potential.

Incentive Event No. 4

  • When: 24 April 2018, 18:30 to 21:30
  • Where: Arsenic, Lausanne
  • With lectures by Jasper Visser, Diane Drubay, Danica Zeier (amuze), Rea Eggli (#letsmuseeum), Johan Rochel (ethix)

Together with our project partner PLATEFORME 10, Engagement Migros sent out invitations to its next incentive event, entitled “Reframe! The Future Begins in Museums” in Lausanne.

In his keynote address “Culture in an open source society“, the internationally sought-after change agent Jasper Visser from the Netherlands presented adaptable strategies for re-positioning cultural and social institutions. The French founder of “We Are Museums”, Diane Drubay, who lives in Berlin, outlined future models of museums as networks of collective intelligence and drivers of social change in her speech “Museum 2030 – Towards new models of museums”.


Between the two keynote addresses, three of the pioneering projects made possible by Engagement Migros offered a look at their work: in #letsmuseeum, museum fans (experts are specifically not included) offer lively, funny tours of their favourite museums – so far in Zurich and Bern; coming soon to Basel and French-speaking Switzerland. Founder Rea Eggli presented her pilot project, which was inspired by New York’s “Museum Hack” programme. Danica Zeier from amuze introduced her iterative method for inspiring a new, young audience to come to museums. Rounding out the presentations, Johan Rochel from ethix took on the central issues of innovation ethics.
Detailed programme 

The evening also represented the kick-off of an international colloquium hosted by PLATEFORME 10 in collaboration with the University of Lausanne and the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne on 27/28 April 2018, on the role of digital technologies in museums.


Jasper Visser is a change agent for international cultural institutions. Visser has worked on strategy and audience development projects for the European Parliament, the State Library of New South Wales and the Canadian National Arts Centre. From 2009 to 2011, he helped set up the National Museum of History of the Netherlands as a project manager for new technologies and media. He started his career as an independent consultant and designer of educational programmes for NGOs, the World Bank and the EU. Jasper Visser is a senior partner at VISSCH+STAM.

Interview with Jasper Visser: “Museums should create more real encounters”

Diane Drubay is a specialist for digital museum strategies. In 2007 she set up Buzzeum, a internationally renowned agency for new media and communication. In 2011 she was the co-founder of Museomix, a hackathon for museums. In 2013 she founded “We Are Museums”, an annual European event at the intersection of culture and innovation. Since 2014 she has curated the programme of the international conference “Museum Connections” in Paris. She teaches at Sciences Po and EAC Paris, and regularly gives lectures at international conferences to share her vision of the future of museums.

Interview with Diane Drubay: “Museums can make much more out of today’s technology”

More Impulse

Healthy and sustainable nutrition for all is achievable – but how? Around 30 experts from industry, agriculture, education and the public sector explored this issue at the invitation of Engagement Migros. The aim of this open exchange was to discuss ideas and potential solutions and to identify synergies. The workshop took place on 11 July 2019 as part of the “Nutrition and Production” focus area.

The circular economy is about more than just recycling: the holistic concept optimizes not only individual components, but the entirety of a process or system. This has positive effects on profitability, but above all on the environment and society. That is reason enough for Engagement Migros to dedicate this year`s incentive event and its own support priority to this topic.   

Never has the world been as linked together as it is today and never has collaboration been more relevant. In the digital world, success is achieved through global exchange, partnership initiatives and open innovation. We are convinced that the only way to successfully meet the challenges of the digital age and take advantage of its opportunities is through unified strengths.

Nutzen statt besitzen, teilen statt kaufen, ent- statt beschleunigen: Gemeinsam mit Projektpartnern gab Engagement Migros Einblicke in den Themenschwerpunkt Mobilität und stellte Pionierprojekte und Interventionsfelder für eine nachhaltige Mobilitätszukunft zur Debatte. Am 20. Juni lud der Förderfonds Engagement Migros zur zweiten Durchführung im Impact Hub Zürich ein. Im Rampenlicht stand dieses Mal der Themenschwerpunkt Mobilität.

Unter dem Titel «Hereinspaziert! Neue Perspektiven im Umgang mit Sammlungen» stellten wir die Vorbereitungen zum geplanten Studienzentrum des Landesmuseums Zürich, die Initiative MuseoMix Schweiz sowie das Startup Museum Hack aus New York vor.