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Engagement Migros supports pioneering projects in various key areas. The projects break new ground in the midst of social change and share their findings. They test exceptionally promising solution approaches and are models that may be copied and further developed.

The circular economy

The linear economic model is increasingly reaching its limits because resources themselves are not unlimited. To ensure that natural reserves continue to be preserved for the future, our pioneering projects close cycles and contrast resource consumption with sustainable options for action and design.

People & Digitalisation

Digitalisation is rapidly changing the world – not only opening up opportunities for our private and professional lives, but also fundamentally challenging people’s orientation and self-determination. Our pioneering projects enable us to confidently and responsibly benefit from and shape the digitalised world.

Collaborative innovation

Collaboration is becoming a key competency. Our pioneering projects are approaching the challenges of the digital age with unified forces and are investing in collaborating with people with a wide variety of strengths and interests.

Nutrition & Production

Not only does nutrition have an impact on health, it also has ecological and social impacts. Our pioneering projects break new ground in the production, processing, transport and packaging of everyday products, and support a responsible lifestyle.

Creatives & the Market

It is a long road from the innovative idea to the successful product. Our pioneering projects build bridges between creatives and the market, networking players and offerings with potential, bringing creative and business minds together to accelerate the innovation process.

Museums & the Public

Museums have much to offer. The Engagement Migros development fund supports innovation and pioneering projects that make modern museum experiences possible, attracting new audiences for their offerings and content.


Mobility has its limitations: there are not enough roads or railway lines, which means we must find new solution approaches, as emissions damage the environment and affect our quality of life. Our pioneering projects sound out new potential and challenges, establishing models for shared mobility.