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New Match-Making Module enhances Ludicious – Zürich Game Festival

Switzerland has a great deal of potential in the future-proof gaming industry. However, its reputation is currently limited to game design, while project marketing lags behind. The Engagement Migros development fund is therefore supporting for the first time the new Match-Making Module during Ludicious – Zürich Game Festival on 21 and 22 January 2016. This module offers young Swiss game developers a platform on which they can present their projects to international experts and investors, such as Nintendo and the Square Enix Collective (Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy).

Switzerland is a growth location for the gaming industry. It is considered future-proof and has already – based on its volume – overtaken the film industry. But the head offices of large game developing companies and distributers are outside Switzerland. While schools like ETH and ZHdK are producing highly qualified programmers and game designers, getting their products onto the market is difficult, even though experts agree that the potential for the gaming industry is huge in Switzerland.

Modules in collaboration with Game Connection
To make sure that outstanding projects have good prospects in our country too, the Engagement Migros development fund is creating the new Match-Making Module that brings international experts in contact with emerging Swiss game developers. The idea works in different ways: there are targeted meetings in which Swiss game designers sit down at a table with experts and distributors to present their projects; but the Match-Making Module also includes pitching sessions in front of a jury of experts with a subsequent award ceremony, keynote addresses and other networking opportunities. Representatives of video game giants like Nintendo and Square Enix will take part in the first edition of the Match-Making Module, positioning the Swiss gaming industry on the international map and offering Swiss game developers important business tips at the same time. The Match-Making Module is also the first step towards increasingly keeping added value within Switzerland. Engagement Migros is working together with Game Connection to attract the relevant experts to Switzerland. This international event has been connecting game developers and companies since 2001. A
new Ludicious Business Section will be added to Ludicious 2016 in the form of the Match-Making Module. Ludicious was first held in 2014, thanks to the support of the Engagement Migros development fund. At its successful premiere, the festival brought together 200 developers and experts, and attracted about 2200 visitors. One objective of the Ludicious Game Festival is to establish Zurich as a digital hub – which is also the aim of the new Match-Making Module. For further information

As part of the Creatives and the Market business development segment launched in 2015, the Engagement Migros development fund has supported a variety of initiatives that build bridges between design and launch, idea and business model, and prototype and serial production, to strengthen Switzerland as an innovation hub. Projects that have received support include the Impact Hub Zürich and Kick Foundation, which was established in 2015.