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Match-Making Module

Match-Making-Modul: Gaming towards success

The first international deals are running smoothly: the first person flight simulator Birdly (Somniacs ZH) is being tested in the virtual reality showroom of the French movie theatre chain MK2 in Paris, the blockchain game Spells of Genesis (EverdreamSoft GE) is in global distribution thanks to All4Games and the VR games Sequenced and Break a Leg (Apelap GE) are available on the virtual reality platform at All four contracts came about thanks to Engagement Migros’ Match-Making Module, in which Swiss game developers and interaction designers network with international investors and publishers during individual matchmaking sessions. But it’s not just the game developers who appreciate this tailored offering; publishers can profit as well: “The matchmaking programme is an effective business accelerator. I have met exciting start-up entrepreneurs, with whom I was able to discuss opportunities for implementing MK2’s digital strategy,” confirmed Elisha Karmitz, the CEO of MK2.