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HeK (House of Electronic Arts)

HeK: Blogging comes to school

The workshop “Bloggen im Unterricht” (blogging at school) of the House of Electronic Arts in Basel has been reconceived. Practical experiences and feedback from participating classes were the drivers for reworking the concept. Instead of just being a simple introductory workshop, the event now covers an entire semester in the form of an accompanying class project. Three secondary level classes are currently carrying out a trial run of the new concept. The results will be evaluated together with the teachers and will offer a wealth of experience for the further development of the workshop.

The project has also attracted a great level of interest – such as that of the Pädagogisches Zentrum Basel teaching centre, which is responsible for career development courses for primary school teachers in ICT and media. Initial meetings and class visits have taken place. 

HeK: Program for School Groups