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With the Engagement Migros development fund, the Migros Group voluntarily supports pioneering projects in the midst of social change. Engagement Migros scouts the projects it wants to support; we do not accept applications. Our administrative offices prepare the projects and present them to a steering committee made up of decision-makers from within the Migros Group, who then make the selection. Engagement Migros is part of the Management Division Cultural and Social Affairs of the Federation of Migros Cooperatives.


Hedy Graber (Head of Directorate of Cultural and Social Affairs)
Stefan Schöbi (head)
Robin Born
Britta Friedrich   
Corinne Grässle
Leila Hauri-Stieger
Samira Lütscher
Johanna Muther
Sylvie Reinhard
Priyanka Sharma Wahl
Linda Sulzer