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We support pioneers

The Engagement Migros development fund supports pioneering projects in the midst of social change, projects that break new ground and test future-oriented solutions. Our approach is to make sure this support is effective, tying funding to coaching and similar services in the Pioneerlab. Engagement Migros is made possible by the companies of the Migros Group thanks to an annual grant of approximately 10 million Swiss francs. It has supplemented the Migros Culture Percentage since 2012.


In offering its support, Engagement Migros looks for projects dealing with issues that are highly relevant and current. Very promising solution approaches in these areas are within reach, but have not yet been tested. Our pioneering projects prepare the basis from which they can be implemented.



Engagement Migros supports pioneering projects. Our pioneers break new ground in the midst of social change and share their experiences. Their projects are models that can be copied and further developed.